Running Program

USA FIT Phoenix’s runners form the backbone of our membership. Runners all receive weekly educational seminars, a schedule specifically designed for their ability level, a vibrant Facebook Page, and more.

At our first Saturday meeting, half marathon participants will run 1-1.5 miles and full marathon participants will run 2-4 miles, based current fitness levels. Don't worry, you're not required to run the entire distance! We are firm believers on incorporating walk breaks and will discuss this principle at our meetings. As the season progresses we’ll advance up to 12 miles for the half training program and 21 miles for the full. The schedule was specifically designed to increase mileage gradually to help you safely reach your goal.

The program’s general format is as follows:

  • Before each Saturday run, members will come together for the week’s announcements and to hear an educational seminar on key training topics designed to prepare runners for the rigors of this endurance sport.
  • Members participate in an organized training run each Saturday morning with runners of similar training paces.
  • Weekend runs will be followed by a brief discussion about the day’s workout and instructions for the coming week.
  • Members adhere to a schedule of mid-week training runs. Those runs are built with busy lifestyles in mind, so they keep members moving toward their goals while requiring only a moderate amount of time on the road.
  • Weekly speed training sessions may be available once the group has built a sufficient training base to handle it safely and comfortably.